A primary reading series developed with UCL Institute of Education to help children become confident, independent readers.

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What is Reading Champion?

Reading Champion is a series of fun, modern reading books specifically written to support independent reading ie. reading with little or no help from a teacher, parent or carer.

Featuring vibrant artwork and exciting, contemporary topics, these books are designed to make children want to pick them up and start reading!

Each book has been carefully graded so that it can be matched to a child’s reading ability, encouraging reading for pleasure.

What is independent reading?

Independent reading is reading unaided or with little help, as opposed to guided reading at school where children have the support of a teacher, teaching assistant or reading helper.

It’s important to ensure that children are choosing independent reading books with the right level of challenge so that they enjoy the story. If the books are too easy children will not develop their reading skills, but if they are too hard then children can become frustrated. Reading Champion is specifically written for independent reading, so each book has been carefully graded to ensure it is at the right level for reading unaided.

What are book bands?

Books used for guided reading at school are usually assigned a coloured and/or numbered book band to indicate the level of challenge of the book, this helps to track a child’s reading progress.

Reading Champion is linked to book bands to help children select the right level books for independent reading. Key Stage 1 (4-7 year olds or Reception to Year 2) books are indicated by a coloured and numbered band (e.g. Yellow 3). Key Stage 2 books are indicated by the black logo and progress from level 11 (7 year olds or those in Year 3) to level 18 (11 year olds or those in Year 6). If your child is reading book band Turquoise 7 at school, then Reading Champion Turquoise 7 books should offer the right level of challenge for independent reading at home.

How should I use Reading Champion with my child?

Use the book band that your child is reading at school to help them choose a book that is at the right level for their ability. You should decide together whether your child will read the story independently or read it aloud to you. If reading aloud then you should support your child if they hesitate or ask for help. If reading to themselves, remind your child that they can come and ask for help if they get stuck.

Each book contains guidance notes for parents and carers using the books at home. These notes include questions to ask before they start reading, such as “Why did you choose this book? Why do you think you will enjoy it?”, as well as suggested questions and a fun comprehension activity for after they have read the book. These questions aim to help children learn to make good choices when choosing independent reading books, and support their comprehension of the story.

Who are UCL Institute of Education?

UCL Institute of Education is a world-leading centre for research in education. They develop innovative materials and approaches for teaching child literacy, and are the creators of the book band system used in many primary schools.

Where can I buy Reading Champion books?

All Reading Champion books are available to buy on Amazon, see the home page for links.

You can also purchase packs of Reading Champion books at great value from The Book People 

If you would like to buy for your school, please see the Info for Teachers page for details of suppliers.

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