A primary reading series developed with UCL Institute of Education to help children become confident, independent readers.

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Where can I buy Reading Champion for my school?

Reading Champion books are available from Amazon, and are also stocked by school book suppliers including Peters and Browns Books for Students.

For more information please email education@hachettechildrens.co.uk

For further information and a full list of titles please download a flyer

Why choose Reading Champion?

1 Book levelling you can trust

Unlike other reading schemes, all Reading Champion books have been levelled according to UCL’s official criteria for independent reading. Key Stage 1 books support the band numbers and colours used in school. Key Stage 2 books are the only officially levelled books for this age group, so you can be confident of picking a book at the right reading level for each child.

The Key Stage 2 Reading Champion Books are suggested for use as follows:
Independent Reading 11: start of Year 3 or age 7+
Independent Reading 12: end of Year 3 or age 7+
Independent Reading 13: start of Year 4 or age 8+
Independent Reading 14: end of Year 4 or age 8+
Independent Reading 15: start of Year 5 or age 9+
Independent Reading 16: end of Year 5 or age 9+
Independent Reading 17: start of Year 6 or age 10+
Independent Reading 18: end of Year 6 or age 10+

2 The right level of challenge for reading independently

Many reading schemes offer the same books for guided and independent reading. However Reading Champion has been specifically written to support independent reading and literacy consultants have worked with authors to ensure that each book provides the right level of challenge for reading unaided or with little help.

3 Clear labelling

Clear signposting on the spine and front and back covers support readers and teachers to find books that are at the right reading level, building confidence and encouraging reading for pleasure.

4 Fantastic, diverse books that children will want to pick up and read themselves!

Vibrant artwork accompanies entertaining stories covering a range of high interest topics and different cultures, so that each child may find themselves represented in the books.

5 A whole school solution to independent reading

A huge range of titles for Reception, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 are out now, with more being added each month, making Reading Champion a great way to introduce high-quality, exciting independent reading books throughout the whole school.